Journal of Education, Informatics and Cybernetics

JEIC is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed publication of original research, reflections and reviews in Education and its relationships with Informatics and Cybernetics, especially regarding their reciprocal applications (ISSN: 1943-7978).

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Before submitting the manuscript, authors should have their article proofread for grammatical and spelling corrections as well as the readability of the paper.


JEIC is two-tier peer reviewed journal. Each manuscript will be sent to at least three reviewers for its traditional double-blind reviewing, and to at least two reviewers for its non-blind reviewing. The author should suggest the names of at least two colleagues of him/hers for the non-blind reviewing of the article.


The editor might add, in subsequent phases of the journal, two additional tiers: participative peer-to-peer reviewing with which submitted papers are displayed with no previous screening so other authors, paper submitters and readers of the journal can pre-review the paper; and a pre-publication reviewing process might be applied to pre-accepted papers that require some modifications before their final acceptance for publication. The prepublication reviewing might be done by any of the three reviewing methods mentioned above (double-blind, non-blind, and/or participatory) or by a combination of them.


No submission fee is required. Instead, it is requested that authors should have their paper checked with a native English speaker colleague or professional for English syntax, grammar, spelling, etc. before submission. Manuscript with serious writing problems cannot be accepted, not even for their reviewing process. If reviewers recommend not accepting because of problems in its writing or in its readability, it will not be accepted and the authors will not detailed feedback regarding the writing/legibility problems found in the manuscript.


The Article Processing Charge (APC) is 50$ per page for all accepted papers, which is well below the APC range of $500-$3000, per article, of other publishers (Details with regards to the costs and prices in journal publishing can be found in Waltham, M., 2005, JISC: Learned Society Open Access Business Models, 184, Springdale Road, Princeton , NJ 08540, USA; p. 128. Available at (Accessed on August 4th, 2008). See also; Nagib callaos (2006, 2008) Revenues, costs and Prices in Journal Publishing, at www.JEIC/Nagib-Callaos/Journal-Publishing-Costs)


The author should be responsible for the proofreading of article. These fees are necessary to offset the very substantial cost of publishing an article via Full Open Access. This fee is due only if the manuscript is accepted for publication.


This very low APC has been achieved thanks to (1) the Scholarly Exchange Service (supported by the Open Journal Systems available at no cost); (2) the partial subsidy provided by The International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (IIIS;; (3) the proofreading made by the respective authors; and (3) the voluntary work pledged by several persons related to Education, Informatics and/or Cybernetics.